Shall we expect season 3 for zero tsukaima?

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Shall we expect season 3 for zero tsukaima?

Post by meoden1005 »

I watch the last episode in season 2. There are a lots mysterious thing like elf girl, albion. I think they are going to explain it in season 3 soon. I also wish to see saito and louise family life @@ or louise in japan. What will u expect in season 3?
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Post by Strahan »

I hope so.

Spoiler alert, spoilers follow.

I would like to see a Saito-Louise married life, that'd be amusing. I wonder though if the marriage is actually in effect, considering she passed out before any vows were exchanged. Louise in Japan would be funny as heck too.

I feel like I almost have to demand a S3 given the weak ass ending of S2. It would've been a much more powerful ending if they just let him die. If he had to come back, save it for S3. But even putting the deus ex machina aside, did they -really- have to end it with another trite Louse-chasing-Saito bit? -sigh- A more mature, romantic ending would've been great. Then again.. I suppose this is billed as romantic comedy so I ask too much :)
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Post by hrekkah »

Afaik the novel story goes beyond the season 2 finish but I haven' seen any hint on when and if there is gonna be a season 3.