I can't remember the name of an 80s anime show!! HELP!

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I can't remember the name of an 80s anime show!! HELP!

Post by Slorrin »

This will all sound vague, but as a child, I watched a show on Fox (my local fox affiliate was WUTV, in buffalo, channel 29!)

Anyhow.. it was on sunday evening, at about 6 pm.

The show's theme song is burned into my head, the tune at least.

The show's plot concerned a woman, who I believe was an android, sent to the surface of the earth (from, if i remember, inside the earth.. either in a subterranean civilization, or the center of the earth or something).

She lost her memmory, and did not know her "mission" when she arrived.

on the surface of the earth, she met up with some kids, i think who were orphans, the eldest of which was a guy who she seemed to fall in love with.

They had a lot of trouble with pirates (who were often villains) and who sailed in advanced oceangoing vessels.

This is all in some post apocalyptic world..

the people in the center of the earth, who made her (she did not know she was a robot) seemed always fascinated by her feelings of love for this dude..

I know it's very vague.. but, if anyone knows anything about this.

the female character, when "home" in her advanced civilization (contrasted with the post apocalyptic wasetland of the earth) she wore some thing on her head.. a headdress, or helmet, that reminded me of Cleopatra.. she looked kind of like an egyptian pharaoh.

Well, if anyone can tell me, i'll be so relieved.. the theme song is burned in my brain, but i don't know the lyrics, or i would google them..
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Post by Amour »

It's not Japanese, it's French animation:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spartakus_ ... th_the_Sea
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Post by eliasna »

Oh man I remember watching that cartoon along with Mysterious Cities of Gold http://anidb.net/a1006