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Group Statistic

Post by Wasser »

Well, maybe this is stupid for some people but for me it would be a very useful feature. What I thought was to be able to see how many episodes/animes you have from a certain group and the votes you gave to that group for specific animes so you can compare for example at the group's page what animes you have seen from that specific group.

Let me try to make it simpler: I want to see anime "A" and there are two groups ("B" and "C") that have a good rating. Which version should you get? You would be able to see a history of the files you have from each group and that way decide. For me it's very useful, because I can only remember "big" translation groups but those groups that do not have so many translated animes are difficult to remember if they had good quality or good translation just by their names... and you can't see in the group's page what rating you gave to a specific anime of that group...

I don't know if it was understandable or a good contribution, but I want to know what you people thought and if you find it useful.