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Post by Raptor »

-- well a possibility would be:

avgDB = average of all the anime votes in the DB
avg = average of all the permanent anime votes of the users
numvot = numbur of permanent anime votes made by the user
vote = vote by the user
modvote = modified value of the vote
weight = value of a vote

so modvote would be:

modvote = vote * (avgDB / avg )

this would take care of those that make an habit of overrating or underrating everything and it would kill spamvotes since a spam vote would only be a very average vote.

the average DBvote is 7, i create an account and vote 10 to naruto.
I just voted 7 to naruto. same if i just vote 1

to further refine things we could use the standard error as well but i dont remember the exact formula at the moment.

--if one want to add value to those that have seen much then

KARMA= (avgDB / avg )


here weight could simply be numvote altought i would find this a bit heavy since for failry unknown anime a single vote by one of us would make for the whole score.

Example: me and deridiot perm vote an anime that just got his 10th user. The others users have seen an average of 100 anime and have voted for all of them ( a generous assumption id say)
I have made 783 perm anime votes so far and deridiot has made 698 perm anime votes our total weight is 1481 while the other 8 users is barely 800. me and deridiot vote alone are worth 65% of this anime vote.

so i would go with something that increase slower as one watch more

PS a ranking by anime watched or perm votes could be funny :D more then a GB one at least
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Post by Der Idiot »

uh not awake enough to completely think about the equations or examples so i will leave that for tomorrow. but from skimping over it that looks way more useful than the % thingy imho. but would have to make my own examples/calculations first.

btw a different approach to this is:

though personally i would prefer a userspecific valued votelevel like proposed here even if people will cry that it's undemocratic, but who the hell cares. :twisted:
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Post by merkhant »

Hmm... the idea is good, but wouldn't this mean that a smart "This series MUST be in top 10" fan could create an account, give a 10 to his chosen series, troll other 10 or more , and get his modvote for the chosen series sky-high?
That would happen, if the weighting system would not be implemented.

My other concern is that some users who don't come to AniDB regualrily and perm-vote seldom, only on the series they like (I am one of those who stops after 1-2 episodes if he doesn't like the series and has 8-9 avg vote), will effectively hurt their chosen anime's rating.
If the person is aware of this, it can lead to one of 3 things -
a) The user won't vote in order not to hurt the anime rating
b) The user will perm-vote another anime lowly, to get his avg down.
c) The user will review his current votes and add the old animes he watched and found not interesting enough to rate in AniDB (that's the good one, I guess).

Basically, I fear that such a system could sometimes promote trolling.

Also, if it were introduced, there should be a link to wiki or something where the system would be thoroughly explained, becasue the total scores might vary widely from what one would expect.
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Post by Der Idiot »

i wonder why youa re commenting to a thread thats 1 year old o_O
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Post by merkhant »

Ugh ... didn't notice ... still can't get used to the fact it is 2007 already ...