Episode order - R2 DVD vs R1 DVD vs TV (jap)

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Post by jfs » Sat Dec 03, 2005 11:38 pm

That list for Dogtato doesn't match with this list of the DVD episodes:
http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Animation/ja ... akuwa.html

Episodes according to that list: (Using Triad's translated character/species names)
1. 4 koma gekijou (4-window strip theater)
2. shippo wa saikou! (Your tail is great!)
3. yatto aeta ne (We finally meet)
4. soramamedori wa doko e? (Where are the bean-birds going?)
5. samishigarya no ichigoumori (The lonely strawbatty)
6. himitsu no doukutsu (The secret cave)
7. doukutsu no himitsu (The cave's secret)
8. issho nara... (If we're together...)
9. massugu banzai! (Hooray for being straight!)
10. ame futte shiitakero (Rain weather, mushribbits)
11. nagai negiwani kun (Long Croconion-kun)
12. nakimushi saikame kun (Crybaby Waturtlemelon-kun)
13. odoreba happii (We'll be happy if we dance)
14. minkandori no takaramono (Tweeterine's treasure)
15. koi suru momomingo (Peachmingo in love)
16. satoino kun icchokusen (Straight-line Boartato-kun)
17. pebaado to nagareboshi (Pearbird and the shooting star) [Did Triad get both 'peabaado' and 'momomingo' to 'peachmingo'?]
18. daikon pengin no koori (Pengradish' ice)
19. gooyaabaado no itazura (Gourdbird's pranks)
20. bejita wan no kaibutsu -zenben- (The monster of Veggie-bay -first half-) [Those - - should actually be ( ).]
21. bejita wan no kaibutsu -gohen- (The monster of Veggie-bay -second half-)
22. surimu ni naritai tomaton (Tomatoink wants to be slim)
23. kuro mamedori arawareru (The black beanbirds appear)
24. koumoringo kun no himitsu (Battple-kun's secret)
25. fushigi na happa (The mysterious leaf)
26. ame o sagashi ni (To searchh for the rain)

It seems Triad switched and dropped some episodes...

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Post by Wlah » Sat Dec 03, 2005 11:40 pm

Triad left out episode 1 (according to the sony list)

Triad vs Sony..

Sony 1,2,3,4...26
Triad 2,3,4,5,15,9,6,7,16,22,17,23,25,8,14,12,10,19,13,20,21,11,18,24,26
and missing ep 1

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Post by Musaran » Mon Apr 24, 2006 5:25 am

Der Idiot wrote:and another one:

http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?s ... .id=123244
Adding 13 DVD french fansubbed episodes to a so-called "12" episode serie quite boggled my mind as I am brand new to anime.
I confirm that :
TV9 = DVD9
DVD10 : Not aired (nude censorship), sorted S1 right now
TV10 = DVD11
TV11 = DVD12
TV12 = DVD13

DVD10 is a real episode necessary for story coherence.
Der Idiot wrote:more fun
http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?s ... 1&aid=2533

24 eps shown on tv
26 eps released on dvd
Episodes 25&26 (sorted S2&S3 right now) were added later to the original 24 episode.
Timewise they belong right after ep24, but form a stand-alone story.

So, I think that...
-When "last+1" episodes are added as such to the original release, the episode count should get adjusted.
-When "intermediate" (aka nn.5) episodes are added... urg, that would make "23(last) of 24 episodes", yuck.
-Episode count should be detailed, like "Episodes: 13 normal, 1 special"

When numbering or order got too much messed (release/broadcasts, licenses, extras), I think there is no better way than maintaining the parallel numbering.
It could get as ugly as :

Code: Select all

  1       1  Not aired is US
  2   1   2
  3   3   3 (US re-ordering)
  4   2   4 (US re-ordering)
  5   4   5
  -   -   6 (DVD Bonus episode inserted into the serie)
  6   5   7
      6     (US made-up recall filler)
  7   7   8
  8       9 (Jpn cut)
      8     (US  cut)
  9   9  10 
          S (DVD Special, not part of episoding)
Ah, I also notice you don't handle the "season" concept.
Probably a wise move as episodes get re-seasoned too when licensed, but consider these :
Those Who Hunt Elves
Those Who Hunt Elves II
Despite the "II" in the title, it really really feels like "season 2".