add: search by file attributes [DENIED]

old granted and denied feature requests

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add: search by file attributes [DENIED]

Post by Isochroma » Sat Jul 16, 2005 3:23 am

I'd like to suggest a new feature: in Advanced Search, add search fields for file attributes, such as resolution, codec, bitrate, audio codec, channels, etc.

Since these attributes are already quantified, no parsing or interpretation is needed, just expose them!

This way, I can search for all the h.264 encodes, or certain files with multichannel audio, etc.

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Post by exp » Sat Jul 16, 2005 9:44 pm

this was already requested and denied in the past.
the advanced search is for finding _animes_ not files.
and besides, extending the search to files would cause a major performance hit.


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Post by Rar » Sat Jul 16, 2005 10:32 pm

Job for AOM?

/me hides


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Post by PetriW » Sun Jul 17, 2005 5:43 am

It is I guess but I don't have time atm. :(