Genre preferences / blacklist (Profile?) [DONE somewhat]

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Genre preferences / blacklist (Profile?) [DONE somewhat]

Post by Gambit » Fri Feb 11, 2005 10:44 pm

I was thinking about a sort of way to indicate which genres you prefer or despise. Seeing how you can get 'Hint listed' (anime hint) for users with a similar taste, it might be a comparison of a lot of genres. But what if the #1 person on that list despises a genre you do like? You might try to check his Votes, but that won`t help you any further.
So I was thinking, when someone appears in your Hint List as 'best sync', how about adding a sort of profile/preference button/list so one can see which genres the person likes and which (s)he doesn`t like. That way you can check the votes for someone who does like the specific genre you want to see.
This way you can pick users for a specific genre, or a set of genres from your Hint List, meaning you don`t use a person on that list for an overall match, but rather for a specific genre match.

Is that a useful idea?

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Post by egg » Sat Feb 12, 2005 7:26 am

It's possible. Rather than ranking the users by similar votes on animes, you say to rank them based on similar votes on genres. It is an interesting concept. The biggest difference is that there are very few genres, so it would be like everyone voting on the same 36 animes and taking the votes based on those. There would be a lot more similar matches. I am pretty sure it would end up matching a different set of users, but are they better matches???

If the top user in your matches currently has an opposing view on a particular genre, then that would skew your results some, but usually a single user does not contribute too much to the results, the other users would lessen the impact of that user. Also, if you start voting differently then that user would end up not being at the top anymore. Finally, setting mandatory/excluding genres you can counteract stray recommendations by users.

The problem that I currently see with the hint is when most of the things that would be recommended by the users are being filtered out (i.e. you already have them in mylist). When you get to the point where the animes suggested only have a few users suggestions, then the suggestions are more likely to be skewed and are less accurate overall. Currently the best ways to counteract this is to change the min. weight and/or the rec. vote. Changing either of these can change the results dramatically, hopefully lead to better results.

In the next version of the hint, I plan to have a filter to exclude anime with less than a certain number of users recommending it and there will be a new algorithm that will be available for comparisons. After I put these in, let me know if you think this is still necessary.