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State of OpenAniDB

Post by MostAwesomeDude »

Hello, people. I've been away for such a very long time, and I feel I should not be a completely delinquent developer.

In short: I have not worked on OpenAniDB because I have not been watching any anime and thus not needed my tool, or anybody else's tool. All told, maybe four or five people tried out my source, and only one of them was not a staffer here.

I'm willing to come back and work on it more. However, my current priority is this: , a SSB/SSBM clone for PC. It's not that it's more draining or anything, but I already have massive community support and a handful of developers working with me. Here, OpenAniDB has no real support.

I started OpenAniDB to fill my needs. I needed something somewhere between WebAOM and AOM in terms of remembering what I watch and have watched; I needed something lighter in terms of memory and CPU than AOM or WebAOM; I needed something that was native to Linux. If there's support and demand, I'll come back and start working again. If there's not, then the code sitting in SVN is as-is, GPL, my copyrighted work. will work for contacting me. I'll also lurk here occasionally. Thanks, guys. All five of you for testing my code, and to the staff, for making this site work.

~ C.
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Post by fahrenheit »

hmm, it's lack of interest that kills udp development on anidb, most users don't even know about webaom, avdump or aom. the ones that know tend to use what they have been using for some time even if it's not natively supported or some such..

either way, your code will sit around in the svn for as long as there is a svn.

have fun :)