LuckyStyle needs your help

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LuckyStyle needs your help

Post by Breadstone »

some people may have noticed that a new Style is available..the LuckyStyle..well...
I was quite happy to see that we all can choose it so early but now I see that there are some problems...well...only two (for now).

The first one will be taken care of's the textarea (the field where you write your stuff in when you want to send a message or a comment ;) )...which is black has a black textcolor xD .. sorry guys

The second is bigger. We had some problems with it while scripting an now IT HAS COME BACK TO KILL US ALL...*cough* I'm speaking about the buttons.
I have no idea why some buttons like the logout/profile buttons are not visible or why the ask2 button is orange (I've made a new one).

I hope that some of you can help me..maybe even look inside the css and tell me what the hell I've done wrong ^^.


Edit (16.10.07)
It seem that a new problem did occur (thanks for the tip, chiyochan): "Problem 2)
I can`t click on the "text area" on the new message page. Needed to press tab a few times to write this message >_<"

I have no idea how to get rid of it...and i also don't know how to change the textcolor in this window (yeah i'm not good at scripting).

I hope you guys can help me (otherwise it could take quite a long time).
The css can be found (watch..don't touch :P) on AniDB SVN.

We've tested the css on a downloaded and at least the profile, logout and sreach buttons were visible...all other buttons were the default ones...not the ones i made.