[REQ] Tool-tips

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[REQ] Tool-tips

Post by AdemoS »

Note: The post is pertains to the new AJAX setup for AniDB, (animedb.pl?show=anime3) not the current server-language one.

In Nana's anime page there is a note for Ureshii's release history, but the note gets cut off due to it's nature as a standard tool-tip.

Also, in the episode list, there are many areas where the standard tool tip is used, because of this, formating is limited and a lot of information is crammed into a small, quickly disappearing, space.

My request is for a less restrictive tool-tip setup.

The best setup I've seen for tool-tips was used on this website:
(hover over the yellow cells)

They're javascript based tool-tips, but seeing as the new AniDB design is being built with JS anyway, that shouldn't be an issue.

But the real benefit is how much WebDevout is able to format their tool-tips.

Beyond color, the text is easy to read and even when the tool-tip hits the edge of the browser window, it adjusts itself to fit.

Just something to consider, thanks for reading.

EDIT: Hmm...hoving over the graphical bars for "Episodes" I noticed that Fahrenheit is already using JS tool-tips.....

Well I guess keep up the good work then. My mistake.