export functions

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export functions

Post by AnimeOtaku »

I don't if it is there already...
But is there a possibility to export mylist (and maybe the complete list) to any common table/database programs? (like openoffice base/calc)

I want to have it over the Client, because I'd like to give my list to an offline user over my laptop or if anidb are getting problems again
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Post by suppy »

I'm relatively certain that WebAOM can do this ....

if you want a simpler solution that will result in html pages that you can peruse offline, you could try the mylist export function (located to the right of your mylist)

I don't know about the complete list though... probably not.
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Post by epoximator »

(webaom can only export info on the files it has hashed, and the format is only useful for webaom atm. the plan was to add a mylist export template for webaom (or generic, udp api formatting), so it would be possible to import your entire mylist to webaom and then export it to what ever custom format. but since the new stream system is just around the corner, i figured it would be best to wait)