Episodes lists [DONE somewhat]

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Episodes lists [DONE somewhat]

Post by NGEfreak » Fri Mar 04, 2005 9:19 pm

Well, I think that currently a lot episodes lists are a mess and inconsistent. Probably, these things have been already discussed…. Though, I’ve also a suggestion. :)

First, a few animes are separated into two entries (ex. Dragon Ball Z, Gantz, etc) which is unnecessary. If an anime like Dragon Ball really needs a second entry because the USA release is different then A LOT other animes need another entry too (ex. Kidou Senshi Gundam, Ranma 1/2, Shin Lupin Sansei, Sakura Tsuushin, and a lot more) because the episodes count and/or episodes order isn't the same like the original Japanese release. Btw, what about the other countries like France, UK, Germany, etc? They may have released an anime differently too (ex. the German version of Crayon Shin-chan).

There are also inconsistencies like that sometimes OVAs and/or Specials have a separate entry (ex. Dragon Ball Z Trunks/Bardock Special) or are listed as a special (ex. Argento Soma OVA, X OVA) or are listed as a normal episode (ex. Love Hina OVA Episode 25). Things like these should be handled consistently.

Also, things like additional subtitle files are sometimes mixed with normal episodes and not listed as a "special".
Especially the special entries are a mess. It's not really clearly arranged if all things like real specials, merged episodes, bonus content, etc are listed together.

I think that the specials handling should be revised. The structure could be like the following:

# (Episodes):
The normal episodes list based on the Japanese DVD release, not original Japanese broadcast or USA release. Why DVD and not broadcast release? Because of censorship, not all episodes get broadcasted (ex. Girls Bravo) and I suppose that in some cases later reruns may broadcasts all episodes.

S# (Special):
For real special episodes (ex. Mahoromatic Year End Special) and maybe Japanese rereleases with added content like Kite/Mezzo Forte International Version, Shinseiki Evangelion Director's Cut, Rurouni Kenshin OVA's Director's Cut, etc.

A# (Alternate):
For unneeded alternative versions like extremely censored episodes (ex. Gantz S1, first few USA Dragon Ball Z episodes, etc), i.e. merged episodes because of censorship.

B# (Bonus):
For bonus content like openings, endings, previews, making ofs, etc.

E# (Extras):
For supporting files like SRT subtitles, etc.

Something like this would bring much more order into the episodes lists and solve problems like the additional anime entries for Gantz, Dragon Ball US, etc. Also, it’s much easier for people who only care about the actual episodes and maybe specials and not stuff like bonus content.

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Post by Raptor » Fri Mar 04, 2005 10:32 pm

i agree with the inconsistencies being a small problem (why is an ova a special entry and not another often seem strange)

And also find your idea about subdividing bonus as it could help even thought most of the time the titles is good enough to know what it is.

I must add that i am against the parody subs that are starting to be a problem in some entries.

The problem of the americanized anime is kind of impossible to solve as it come down to the good old what is an anime question. Card Captor Sakura edited version isnt on anidb but Dragon ball is so go figure.

Also while we are at it shoudnt all anime that have been edited bear the censored flag? An example would be Galaxy angels. It could help knowing if the fansub is a better idea than watching the DVD version as there are many anime that are edited and knowing that it was is often nearly impossible.

Finally shoudnt this be in the requested features? [indeed. moved it there -- wahaha]