YOU CAN DO MOST THINGS YOURSELF! - Click here to learn how!

Please use the "notify mod" feature for minor things. Only major things which need discussion should get posted in the forum

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YOU CAN DO MOST THINGS YOURSELF! - Click here to learn how!

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Quite a lot of things can be done with the creq system: How to update or correct existing entries
For the rest like moving, deleting and merging entries and so on you have to post in this forum!

Before doing so use the uberleet feature this forum provides aka SEARCH to check if there was a request for it before already!

Please start your subject with the correct tags in the following order.
First action tag: [ADD] or [DEL] or [EDIT] or [MERGE] or [MOVE]
Then section tag: [ANIME] or [EP] or [FILE] or [GROUP] or [PRODUCER]
Then the anime/ep/file/groups ... name (if not [ADD] with id)
Then a short descr of the change.

PLZ try to stick to that naming scheme whenever possible it makes thing much easier for everybody.

AS for the description of the problem keep it short and informative. Try using proper English and please provide links to the entries which you want to get changed!

Requests which have been handled (accepted/denied) will get moved to the Archive. You can still reply to them if neccessary. It's just for us mods so we know which cres have been taken care of.

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