A list of the newest subbed animeseries

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A list of the newest subbed animeseries

Post by ande »

Im in a search for a list which contains only the newest completed anime series, and by completed i mean that all the episodes have been subbed. Regardles on how many different groups have been subbing it. For example in a series which contains 24 episodes, if Group1 does the first 10 episodes and Group2 does the rest, and after that the system will automatically notice that *aha the whole series is now available* and add it to a list.

Since my way of watching anime is to watch only completed series, all the episodes at once, and it is kinda frustrating to keep track on all the series one episode at a time. So it would be a lot easier if theres a list of somesort.
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Post by worf »

so if one group releases ep1 in english, another group releases eps1-10 in spanish and another group releases eps1-26 but only eps11-26 have been added to anidb you would want a notification that the anime has been completely subbed? that would be indeed possible but utterly stupid and moronic.

without proper implementation of the languages of files this feature is useless.
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Post by exp »

hm, not sure right now.
But i think most of the data that would be needed for a feature like this is already available.
But the condition shouldn't be "there is one subbed file for each file" but rather "there is at least one sub-group with status completed in my language".

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Post by G-Virus Infection »

Hey! The database does not containes the anime; Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters!!! I am disappointed..... :-(
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Post by ricce »

G-Virus Infection wrote:Hey! The database does not containes the anime; Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters!!! I am disappointed..... :-(
Go ahead and add it:

EDIT: as Der Idiot says, don't add it...
(Sorry, I can't know what things are Anime and whats not by just a title)
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Post by Der Idiot »

if you add it i will shoot you.

it's american made stuff. NOT anime