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Japanese Character help

Post by WhiteLionV »

Hi everyone!

I've been studying japanese for some time now... but I couldn't fit anymore classes in my schedule since January, so I decided to learn the hard way. :wink:

There is a Naruto game out there that was only released in Japan, called Naruto RPG: Uketsugareshi Hi no Ishi... but was never fan-translated by no one.. so I decided to do it myself... I't can't be that hard, right?


I've been searching for 5 hours a couple of characters because the quality of the symbols in the game is extremely poor...

Please, I need someone who can read japanese that tell me which characters are these.


If anyone can give me the printable character (ここは大の国(ひのくに)の) for that one it would be a great help!

Thanks a lot for your help, and if you are intrested in the game (or wanna help)... drop me a line... I'm no pro, just a fan trying to help.

Best Regards
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Post by kidan »

Those two characters marked with the arrows look like hiragana "ge" and "sa" to me.

EDIT: rar's right on a secound look it's closer to "ga" then to "ge".
*/me puts the blame on the crappy font and resolution*
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Post by Rar »

I presume you meant "ga"?

At any rate, ここは 火の国[ひのくに] の 木ノ葉隠れの里[このはがくれのさと] with [] the readings of the precending bits.

Speaking from experience, playing console games is a really slow, rubbishy, way to learn a language.

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Post by hrvoje »

I've been studying japanese for some time now...
and you still didn't learn hiragana???? and you're trying to translate RPG game???? :roll: