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Post by Klutz » Sat Apr 22, 2006 11:00 am

First off I don't know where to write this post since the place I'm gonna discuss isn't part of anidb, and it doesn't have its own forum. So I put it here!

Anyways nice initiative with that new page there to get personal recommendations. I hope it gets alot of users quickly since you can easily import your profile from anidb. As for its current accuracy, 2 of the 10 animes I got recommended is something I watch right now (ongoing shows in the TV) which is pretty good. However rec. no #1 was Ai No Kusabi which is Yaoi, and I'm into shoujo/shoujo-ai stuff like mai-otome/hime mari-sama ga miteru and kaleido star, so that one was a bit off especially for being no #1, hehe. Well as the news on the FP says, it needs alot of DB imports from here to be accurate.

Anyways get your butts over there and import your profiles (No I'm not the owner of the site, nor his friend or in any way related to him/her) since I'm always looking for new stuff to watch.

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Post by exp » Sun Apr 23, 2006 2:29 pm

But you do realize that AniDB offers the exact same feature for ages already, right?

Check out Anime Hint:

And just for the record, Animedvice is not, in any way, related to AniDB nor is any of AniDB's staff involved in it. It's just a 3rd party web site.

Animedvice also does not have any kind of special access to the AniDB database, it imports your votes by accessing your public vote page (if you have that enabled). If your votes are marked as private, they will not leave the AniDB servers, ever. Just in case you wondered.