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I would remove it with the comments altogether.
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DonGato wrote:I would remove it with the comments altogether.
That wouldn't be necesarry if someone who actually know what they are writing about do the comments. If possible it would be nice if all subbgroups could make a little (and honest) presentation of them selves, along with the rest of the info about the group...
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If you watch animes often, u can understand a bit japanese. Of course, you are no expert, but u can tell significantly differents in the translation of regularly used words from some Translater/Groups.
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Well it could be possible for groups to comment their own file thruthfully and i sure wouldnt mind it as i know that some of my releases are less then stellar and evrything but seriously I doubt many groups would do it. And then the group who say the truth would most probably be at a disadvantage.
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Makes sense to me.