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Fairy Tale

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The story of Anim3 Tower focuses around the adventures of main characters Natsu and Lucy, who are sometimes accompanied by the members of the Anim3 Tower Network.

In the beginning, Lucy is a young sorceress, who wants to join Anim3 Tower Network. On her trip, she meets Natsu, a young boy, who is looking for Igneel the Salamander. She offers them a lunch and Natsu explains that Igneel is a dragon. Lucy talks about her dreams to join a famous guild, which she later reveals as the Anim3 Tower Network. Later, she is tricked and abducted by Bora of Prominence to be sold as a slave. She is rescued by Natsu, who is the real Salamander, and a true member of Anim3 Tower Network. He offers her to be a member of Anim3 Tower. Lucy gladly accepts and joins the Network. Since then, Natsu and Lucy have formed a team. So begins the adventures that the pair encounter while operating missions from the Network.

In the Anim3 universe, some people are gifted to use magic, which often grant them capabilities far beyond those of normal people. This society of wizards and sorcerers align themselves to different Magical Guilds, where missions to earn pay, as well as other information involving magic can be found. A governing group, the Magic Council, watches over the Magical Guilds. They have declared Dark Guilds (guilds that have committed crimes against society or have done things that go against Guild rules such as accepting assassination quests) banned. The currency is called the Jewel (ジュエル Jueru) and its symbol is a "J".

All of the action so far takes place in the land of Fiore. The land of Fiore is where the Anim3 Tower Network is located, as well as the Magic Council and other places visited by the main characters.

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