[REQ] Source/Quality in advanced search

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[REQ] Source/Quality in advanced search

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I tried to put this on the tracker, but for some reason I wont get a email back when I registered (yes the email address works) Something wrong with the server or so? But please move this one away if this valid. Here we go:

A nice feature in advanced search would be if you could specify the quality and/or source you want (at least) have on the anime you search for.

That way you could for example search for animes that has been aired in HDTV or that that has been released on Blu-ray etc.

I looked around on the forums if there been a request like this before but I couldn't find any so Im sorry if this is a dupe.
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Post by PetriW »

About email: Most likely you're using hotmail or similar and it's getting stuck in the spam filter because anidb doesn't pay to get through.

And requests like these have been denied in the past, file level information is not available for advanced search. There was a thread about it last week even I think.