[BUG] MyPlace shows zero on almost everything

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[BUG] MyPlace shows zero on almost everything

Post by WTX »

Hello folks!

I obviously got a bug on my account. When I go to MyPlace its says 0 anime, 0 episodes, 0 files and etc. The only thing it shows is that I have voted for 215 animes and written 2 rewievs. And what anime I voted for last.

If you could fix it please go ahead, or is has this something to do with java script unavailable due to moving to another server??? ^_^

I only hope my latest added anime are actually added since I really need anidb to keep a track of things... ^___^

Not sure how to add this problem to the bug tracker so I just do it here...
Edit v2:
Oh, I have to register there to...ahh, annoying. Well, if you really want me to put the problem there I guess I have to do that later....now time to sleep.
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Post by exp »

Please check whether the following steps fix the problem:

1) add a new file to your mylist (doesn't matter what file or for which anime)
2) wait 24h


PS: you can of course continue to use anidb and add more files to your mylist during those 24h.