Group-info from file-info

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Group-info from file-info

Post by Glurak »

If I click on group from the page with detailed info for file, I don't get wanted info about group. (In the URL there are some "aid" parametr, with witch group-info-page shows only that ep and not group's info)
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Post by egg »

Wow, I never seen that screen. Anyway it is an inconsistency in the user interface, any other page that I know of when you click on the group's name, it shows you the group's page. This should do the same. Another link for the files for that group could be added to keep the functionality.
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Post by HiEv »

Yeah, I've noticed that too and it's kind of annoying. Just remove the last chunk of the URL that starts with "&aid=" and then it will take you to the page you're looking for.