Mark watched/seen/viewed not working?

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Mark watched/seen/viewed not working?

Post by HiEv »

Hey, I'm trying to mark a series in my MyList as being seen, but while I'm not getting an error, the show isn't getting marked as seen either.

If I put a check-mark next to the series, select "mark all watched", and click "Update Selected Animes" the page reloads, but the selected anime is not marked as watched.

If I expand the series, check "select all", choose "mark seen", and click "Update", same thing, it reloads the page but the episodes aren't marked as seen.

If I click on the "mark as seen" eyeballs next to each episode, the seen count increases in the seen column, but the anime is not marked as seen. I can even increase the seen count to something higher than the number of episodes I actually have. Marking all as unseen and updating fixes the count again.

Is anyone else seeing this problem? Temporary glitch?

Also, is there any reason why are we using "watched", "seen", and "viewed" interchangeably instead of one consistent term? While I'm at it, isn't the plural of "anime" just "anime"? "Update Selected Animes" needs fixing. (I'd submit this to the bugtracker myself, but I've been up for nearly 22 hours so far and I don't want to risk doing something dumb due to lack of sleep, or going to sleep and forgetting.)
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Post by exp »

the mylist issue is probably fixed now.

about the watched/viewed/seen issue, well i guess that could be improved :P