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PM formatting [tracked]

Post by Gambit » Mon May 22, 2006 11:17 am

Please. Do something about it and make it actually readable -_-;

It`s a bitch to quote, simply because it only comes with a single < in front of an entire paragraph. So I tried to do some formatting on my own, which resulted in something like this:
=== devildoll ===<br /> (quoted text)
And how would it be positive for True Love Story to be inferior to some anime noone knows? ;-)
=== devildoll ===<br /> (end of quoted text)
=== Gambit ===<br /> (my text)
The problem here lies in that readers might not have seen that specific series yet ;)
=== Gambit ===<br />(end of my text)
Sheer horrible, not?

This makes it hard to communicate through PM when you actually reply on feedback from a comment (1000-or more words) - and then get a reply back of similar size. Currently the PM-system is working fine for a small text to notify someone on something, but everything else past a few lines is a mess.
Why is it that a review has formatting while a PM is still formatted as a HTML-file, with the selfreplicating BR-tags along it. The review-comments use PHPBB-tags "]" while they don`t work in a normal PM. Kind of silly, isn`t it?

So, is it possible to make the PM-system like the review-comments? That would be a huge improvement, since not everyone who writes reviews uses the forum here.

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Post by fahrenheit » Mon May 22, 2006 5:09 pm

my proposition is still available if anyone want's to implement it...