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anime page: more attributes for a "release" [OLD R

Post by Devil Doll » Thu Apr 28, 2005 6:40 pm

On the page of an anime in aniDB, the table above the files section shows the "top 6" releases of groups with the attributes: Group Info, Group, Last Ep, State, Last Update, Rating, Cmts and Action. I'd like to ask for several additional usability features here.

First, the number of the last episode isn't the number of files released by this group for this anime. There are fansubs starting later in the series due to various reasons, such as continuing a project aborted by another group. I can't see whether a group covers the complete series by the number of the last episode alone - the number of files by this group would provide additional information.

Second, I'd like to see the language of the release at this moment already, displayed as a language flag in an additional table column (like in the files section). If aniDB can count the number of files for a group it could also check which languages these files have. They're not likely to be different, so if it helps speeding up performance then I'm fine with checking the most recent file only. (I would even suggest a separate language field for a group release, possibly having to enter the language of a group release during the "mass add" function, but this would require a change of the database format, while possibly providing a performance gain. In this case one separate program run could fill all those unspecified release languages by scanning the superset of all file entries in the database once the format change has been done.)
Of course there are multi-language releases. I'd be fine with using the most non-standard language, i. e. in case of more than one language drop Japanese, then drop English, and if still more than one (very unlikely), select one arbitrarily if only one language were to be displayed). Or just display all of them if there's enough display space. As long as I can see whether my language is available in most cases I'll be fine with everything that's feasible.

Why do I ask for this feature? I'd like to see whether there's a reasonable and complete release in my native language with a minimum of mouse interactions and HTTP roundtrips.
So far I have to check the file of the last episode (one additional HTTP request for opening this episode's file section), looking for a group releasing in my language, then hover the mouse over the group's symbol to get the tooltip with the group name, and then check for comments on the group's name in the aformentioned table... and at this point I still don't see whether they cover all episodes, I only see the number of the last episode they translated.

This "Top 6" limitation of the groups table usually requires me to submit another HTTP request as to expand this table to "all groups", as my native language usually isn't a top 6 entry.
What about changing the constant "6" to at least one line for every language available?
Or what about a user attribute "preferred language" that would cause any group with the corresponding language to be always displayed in this "top 6" table? (Such as adding 9999 files to this group's release if that's my preferred language, then using the normal sort function; this might be better than being able to suppress raw files even for some English users.)
Perhaps treating audio and subtitle languages differently would make sense here as well, such as adding different values; you might want a preference for one of these configurable in the user preferences as well.

When I finally found a series available in a language I'd go for, there's one more feature I'd like to see: Expand all episodes, select the checkboxes of all files of a certain release, and export those files' ed2k links. (Could be an Image icon as additional column of the group table, for example.) In case of more than one file for an episode by the same group, prefer higher version number, then prefer matched CRC, then prefer more available files, if still equal then add all remaining files for this episode.
I already have a low-level workaround so far (exporting all ed2k links and manually selecting the group I am looking for), so this one is a nice-to-have only - but some "select this release" button would still be neat.

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Post by egg » Sun May 01, 2005 4:47 am

See Group Status for an Anime. Something should be added to the tracker though...

If the groups show the languages, then just have the group show the superset of all the languages (both dub&sub) used by that group on that anime... Since a group will typically have the same source it usually be consistent between all the episodes. If there happens to be something different for some reason, having the superset displayed makes sure it isn't left out...