Weighted average of review rating [tracked]

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Weighted average of review rating [tracked]

Post by elfish »

First off, an apology if this is a repeat; I searched as best I could and couldn't find anything.

Second, an example URL to show what I'm on about: http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?s ... tt&aid=673

It is often the case that an anime has several reviews, some of which meet with more approval than others. I propose that the average review rating (as displayed on the anime's page) be calculated not by a straight mean, but by a mean weighted by the approval ratings of each review.

Rationale: if your review is not convincing/helpful to the majority of readers, this should be taken into account.

For example, instead of Rt=R1+R2+R3...Rn/n , Rt=R1A1+R2A2+R3A3...RnAn/A1+A2+A3+...An , where Rt is the average displayed, Rn the rating given by review n, and An the approval rating of review n. In the case of TEXHNOLYZE, the rating would become 7.66 rather than 6.72, unless the approval rating of the review that did not like it changed.

It might be sensible to add a constant to the weigting, to prevent ridiculous swings on animes with reviews with few votes.
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Post by Skywalka »

I really wonder why disapproved reviews are taken into account at the moment. The overall rating of TEXHNOLYZE is a 6.72 while the two approved reviews have a medien of 7.91.

Just get rid of taking the disapproved reviews into account and you are all set :-)