Higher Standard for Anime? Better rating system? [DENIED]

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Higher Standard for Anime? Better rating system? [DENIED]

Post by WTX »

AnimeDB is without doubt one of the best anime site on internet :D . However, there are a couple of things that I really miss.

First of all I miss a group list of the best fansubs and DVD groups (those who has the best video, sound and sub quality), rated by the AnimeDB crew and not us users. The reason is that we users are obviously not very good at rating fansubs for what they are. Most of the groups on the group list, no matter rating, have few votes which make it difficult to see if the particular group is a good one or not, unless you actually download anime from them and see for yourself. And since it can take awhile to download an episode of a series (several hours for those with slow internet access or if one sources gives a slow download), it would be much easier and painless to download from those who has the best quality.

The second thing I miss (or rather wish you could do, since it probably would cause a lot of work) is a rating system which shows what groups who actually has the best video, audio and sub quality of the particular anime series, etc. The reason is that even the good fansubs and etc tends to give out anime with rather bad, even terrible quality, compared to a lot of other anime they have distributed. An example of this is Lunar who distribute “Bleach”, an ongoing series, with high quality but also distribute “Starship Operators” (also an ongoing series?) with rather low quality. In Lunars distribution of “Starship Operators” you can see lots of big squares here and there but still, according to AnimeDB, it is a high quality anime just like Bleach. The only difference between “Bleach” and “Starship Operators” is the video codec bitrate where “Starship Operators” has 55kBits/s less than “Bleach”. Still, after watching a few episodes of “Starship Operators” from Lunar, I have to say that the quality was rather low.

I hope you can do something about this. I strongly believe that easy information about high quality anime will make people, especially new bees more aware or pickier about the video and audio quality, which would (hopefully) result to that more people download anime with higher quality and will therefore also share more anime with higher quality, which again would result to that there are much more, and much easier to get high quality anime trough the p2p/sharing/dc++ whatever community.

Last words (gibberish), I am very happy (dah!) that there are anime groups out there making anime available to all of us. Even us poor ones. Still, I cherish anime not only with good stories, but also good video and sound quality. Therefore I think that those groups that won’t or can’t distribute high quality (video and audio) anime should just quit what they are doing or keep it for them self rather than filling the sharing community with junk. Even if it is free junk, it is still junk. And we don’t want that do we 8O ? Well, that’s enough gibberish from me :D
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Post by Skywalka »

There already is a quality rating. There also is a difference between Anime produces in the 1980ies and in the last few years. There are, for instance, high quality rips of Sailor Moon out there with crips subtitles, which can be considered "high quality". Compared to rip of the 2004 production of "Ghost in the Shell - 2nd GiG", those rips look horrible. Then again there are TV rips of Inu-Yasha (for instance EP 1 to 80) which look so horrible it hurts, but since the DVDs were not out until recently, those were the _best_ files available for Inu Yasha for that episode region.

There is no way to sort Anime quality-wise if you take all Anime in AniDB.

There are too many sources - VHS, TV, Digital TV, DVD
There is a too wide timespan - four decades of Anime
There are too many different codecs - DivX 1 to 5, XviD, WM 9, you name it.
There are too many users with too different connections - if you only have ISDN, it takes ages to get a decent amount of anime. Compare that to the user with the most files (currently about 4 Terabyte (!)) it is impossible to weight the opinion of an ISDN user against that user - they simply saw different amounts of Anime in the past. I am somewhere in the upper area when it comes to the amount of stuff I have, STILL my opinion for file quality changed within the last three years, and it changed drastically. My connection speed triped in that time. What I considered a high quality fansub in 2002 is now complete and utter garbage compared to all the DVD-Rips I got. This would require me voting different for ALL the files I have every year or even better every couple of months. That's absolutely impossible.

So I guess this is simply impossible and should be discarted. Sorry.

Rule of thumb: the newest files have the best quality. The better rated groups have the better files and translations.

Done. No need to change anything here.
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Post by CheesyP18 »

no need to change, I agree, but you should take a look at another site...


Its also in the anidb recommended links...but anyways, they have what you're looking for.

Upon entering the site, there is always a nice theme there to greet you, but then you go to their forums. One of their subforums is called "Fansub Quality Comparison"

Many members of fansubs groups are registered there and a couple mods of that site prune the different group's encodes versus each other on a particular series. They do audio, visual, translating, typesetting, and overall effect reviews, iirc. It is a really nice place to look at because you can usually get more than one opinion and they are fairly accurate. Also feel free to submit your own entries too
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Re: Higher Standard for Anime? Better rating system?

Post by wahaha »

The per-file quality rating may help showing big differences in quality, but mostly people will just choose "high" for current fansubs; that can't really be helped, since there are just way too many files to rate each one in more detail.

The current (better, but sadly underused) method for comparing groups are per-anime group votes and comments.
So, in case of Starship Operators you could both rate Lunar's release lower than normal and add a comment that explains in more detail which aspects you didn't like (and possibly other aspects like t/l, edit, ... which may even the result out).