Change of the voting grading system for animes [DONE/DENIED]

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Change of the voting grading system for animes [DONE/DENIED]

Post by jonatan »

Rating 1 through 4 could be removed, people only use this for
war-voting on animes that are on the top 10 list from what I can tell..

Very few (if any) animes in AniDB deserves such a low grade on a 1-10 scale.
5 could be the lowest. Also then it's not possible for one person to change the statistics for the toplist so it'll be smoother :)

So, just remove all votes below 5 and keep the rest :) Otherwise the rating system can stay intact..
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Post by Rar »

Eeheheheh. I think the kids should be encoraged to use the whole scale, rather than just shortening it... or maybe we could combine this with another feature request, and have 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8. 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11!!!!!111

Because anime is great. All of it. Including Platonic Chain, Panzer Dragoon, Angelique, and that god awful new shadow skill cg thing.

Oh, for the record I stand at 237 votes, avg. vote 5.38... so actually a bit more bad than good atm. :D

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Post by Elias »

If descriptions for votes will stay as are they now (with some new desc for half-points), than if 5 is 'neighter but nor good', must be also some vote for really bad titles (at least for warn others to better stay away from such titles). But there is no need to precisely specify how bad is title (maybe only two bad votes: little and very bad), so i would rather start votes from 4 (bad), then would be 4.5 (rather bad), 5 (neighter but nor good) ...
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Post by PetriW »

I have 12 below 5 entries and couple of 5 animes that would deserve a lower spot...
Plus after seing stuff like Platonic Chain I'm certain there's more stuff out there that deserves a LOW vote.
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Post by Andemon »

We need more ratings, not less. Well, at least I do.
I've rated plenty of anime with 7, but when I compare any two of them, I can definitely say which one was better. None of them are good enough to rate 8, but there are some that'd reserve 7.5, while some others should only have 6.5. Image Half-scores would improve the rating accuracy -- for me, at least. :P

...and to you, o unbeliever who says that no anime deserves less than four, I say go watch Sailor and the 7 Ballz. Image

That anime aside, if I watch something that makes me so ill that I damn near Image, I should bloody well be able to give it an abysmal score. Image

(Err... DonGato, I hope you don't mind me (ab)using your smilies... Image)
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Post by Raptor »

what i dont like at them moment is that the average anime score is expected to be 7 according the rating description wich i would prefer to be at 5 as when the show was kind of good but nothing really great you are expected to give it a recommended - 7 but when the show was a bit better than that you are really short on numbers to write. Also the ratings go down a bit too fast for when you have animes that are not really good but not complete crap.

What happens is that most of my ratings go from 5 to 8 because most show range from not that good to not that great.

but i do agree that somes anime really deserve extremely low ratings to show just how bad they were.
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Post by Ultima »

I agree with rar to add .5 to the rating system. :)
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Post by Rafal »

I don't think that we shouldn't be allowed to rate lower than a 5, I've seen plenty of series that deserve a lower score. To me, like the current vote description says as well, an anime with a 5 is an anime that I didn't like, but isn't really bad either. I give animes that I think are plain bad a 4 (eg. Bakuretsu Tenshi, Onegai Twins), and a 3 or even a 2 to the really horrible ones (Grappler Baki 2, Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai, Platonic Chain). I really think those series actually deserve that vote and wouldn't want to see them grouped together with the ones I voted a 5.

As for the .5 point rating scale , I don't know, a 10 point scale is enough for me personally, but I don't really mind if it is changed.
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Post by PetriW »

Hundred point scale!!!! :oops:
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Post by Andemon »

100-point scale? I know that many sites use such rating scale (GameSpot, for example), and I personally would have no problems with it -- but I do know that some folks have great difficulty pinpointing their ratings on such a large scale, and would instead prefer something simpler. -_-;

Anyway, back to the topic of low low scores -- I do find them rather useful, especially when combined with Anime Hint best sync user list.

For example, there was one user whose ratings were quite similar to mine. When I looked at his ratings, I found out that he had rated a lot, but had only one rating lower than four -- and the rating for that one anime was 1. Considering that the rest of his rating scale was normal, that anime must've been something pretty horrible to qualify for such an abnormal rating.

Based on that data, I decided that it's probably wise to blacklist that anime. ;)
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Post by CheesyP18 »

I believe we should keep the low scores, just to reserve a spot for the next moe series :P
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Post by kidan »

^^ I expressed my opinion there ;)
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Post by DonGato »

1-10 should be kept.
.5 is not that needed IMO if people vote well (reading the descriptions of AniDB for each rate).
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Post by Rain »

DonGato wrote:1-10 should be kept.
.5 is not that needed IMO if people vote well (reading the descriptions of AniDB for each rate).
I agree... I think it's just fine as it is.
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Post by Jcubed »

I, and most all the people I talked to in #AniDB agree with adding in .5's. There are many 6-8 rated shows that I'd like some seperation on. Espeically in the 7'ish area. It seems like a whole lot of people want it. If someone doesn't want it they can just keep voting whole numbers.

If you're willing to put some work into it there could be a profile option for whole numbers, .5, and even for .1. I know I'd put the .1's to use in the 7'ish area and DeathWolf said he would too.

If I like an anime it's getting a 7+ (rare cases an anime I can like can get a 6). 4 ratings for all the anime I like simply isn't enough, and I don't like giving out 10's so it's really only 3 ratings for all anime I like.