RFC: "Not an anime" anime entry

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RFC: "Not an anime" anime entry

Post by PetriW »

To date over 250 animes additions have been removed from AniDB (or 9% for a more insightful number). While I'm most certainly not at the forefront in this fight against non anime / duplicate entries apparently someone is out there fighting the baka^2 who add the stuff. It's also my impression from discussions that the same non-anime tends to be added several times.

So, my suggestion to solve this is as follows:

- Add a new anime called "Not an anime".
- Add ALL known non-anime additions as synonyms. Aka, if someone stupidly added "The Lion King" as an anime delete the anime then add "The Lion King" as a synonym to the "Not an anime" entry.
- Give the anime a nice image with white text on black background with text explaining the anime entry, something along the lines of: "THIS IS NOT AN ANIME!"
- Add a description for the entry where we explain what is and what isn't an anime in a efficient manner.
- Add a link in the description to one of your "What is an anime?" threads.
- If possible link to a forum post with animations that isn't anime.
- Exp could add special code for this anime entry that removes all information but image, name, synonyms and description plus disallows modifying the content including posting files. (Synonyms excepted obviously,)

I believe this would reduce the number of non-anime added.
Der Idiot
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Post by Der Idiot »

quote a dirty fix I have to say. But it's easy to do and requires no work from exp so I'm all for it. ^^

question is is there a limit for synonyms?!
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Post by nwa »

hmm... well yeah, that'd be an idea...
Yet, I think a bigger problem lies in the fact, that many titles get added twice, especially when it comes to hentai titles, hell, even I have added a hentai title that was already added. And there's no way to regulate that, unless all anime entries will be added only after a mod has checked them, which would kill 2 flies at the same time, perhaps too much work for mods, though... or maybe not :P
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Post by wahaha »

IMO, it'd be enough to "link to a forum post with animations that isn't anime" (+ some explanations) on the add-anime-page.
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Post by Gambit »

Wahaha has a point here, so I`m going with his idea. It`s no use in giving people help in adding non-anime, but linking to a thread where you can discuss what`s anime and whatnot, summarized in a first post, would be much more useful.