Most user list [DENIED]

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Most user list [DENIED]

Post by emreceng » Sat Oct 09, 2004 1:03 am

Can I list animelist by order of most user. In main page there is only top ten . What about after ten how can I see the full db in view of user number.

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Post by exp » Sat Oct 09, 2004 7:03 am

currently you can't.
however you can sort the list by rating, which is probably better quality indicator than the simple user count.


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Post by Spector567 » Fri Oct 15, 2004 1:36 pm

Since it appears 'i did miss and earlier post' on the subject and mine has been closed with practically the same response i'll post here instead of butting in with a pm.

I disagree, i think both rating systems have there good and bad points. There are a tonn of series that a tonn of people thought were good by equal people thought were bad for differant reasons so they have a low rating.

Eg) hack//sign is an great series with over 1100 users but it didn't make it on the top 10rating, in fact it's only rated 7.48 some liked it others didn't but still it's still actively shared by over 1000 people. So both list are Vastly differant.

the other side to my point was that all too often top 10 list become static as they are the most advertised. Anidb's is probally better than most because you have a decay system but it is still biased. There is probally a huge gap between rank 10 and 11 with the number of users.

I know with all of anidb's functions this doesn't seem like much but I can see little or no way this could hurt or cause problems, but it would better advertise some great series and since both the top 10 lists are automated to begin with you could probally even try out a top 20 list on the main pg (as opposed to it's own pg) for a week without major surgery to the site and without making any promises to keep it.

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Post by Skywalka » Sat Oct 16, 2004 7:51 am

Sometimes I wonder what the big problem is.

Is it so hard to use your brain?

If you list all Anime by user rating then it is not that hard to click on a couple of entries and look for yourself how many users that Anime has at the moment. So I suggest you rather download a series with 1000 users than a series with 50 but a higher rating.

All the rants and rages about the voting system and the anime hint irritate me enormously. What do you people want? It seems to me that you demand everything pre-chewed and tasting to your linkings. There are so many options in AniDB to find something new and similar to your interests on your own, but all you folks want is that more Anime are closer to the top 10 or better rated this way or better rated that way. I don't say that AniDB is perfect, but in the end I have so many finished downloads each day I cannot keep up watching all that stuff and you propably all have the same problem. But when I visit the rating system for series like "Aishiteruze Baby" I find about 10 votes for every single episode. If you want the voting system to function better, then I'd suggest you vote for every single episode after watching it, and don't rant about the system beeing flawed. Without the proper user input, at the moment you'd have to take care of symtoms. If the current system isn't used properly, then changing it at the moment will just make it worse.

So go vote a little more and rant a little less here on the forums :)