URL encoded links and ed2kDump [NOBUG]

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URL encoded links and ed2kDump [NOBUG]

Post by darkfader » Thu Aug 07, 2003 9:07 pm

I'm not sure this can be called a bug, but when I try to add my ed2k links to ed2kDump with encoded links, like this:
ed2k://%7Cfile%7CCatgirl.Nuku.Nuku.OAV.01.%5Banime.fin%5D.ShareReactor.ogm.... etc.
Then it won't recognize it.
[edit] Oh well, I now just used the decode() function and it works. [/edit]
I'm using my own submission form b.t.w, since the page generates ed2k links from some XML file. Is that allowed?

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Post by exp » Mon Aug 11, 2003 8:40 pm

i would not consider this an error, rather a missing feature. and i don't think we really need it :o)

using your own forms, well if you make sure that you submit all the required fields (i.e. also hidden fields), keep the form always up to date (i might add/remove/change fields) and make sure that you don't hammer the server it's ok.
however please make absolutley sure you don't hammer the server, i'd say max. one http get/post request every 5 seconds.