Bug when removing files from my list [OLDBUG]

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Bug when removing files from my list [OLDBUG]

Post by nanoflower » Thu Jun 01, 2006 7:41 pm

This bug doesn't show up with every series, but with some series when I try to remove an episode from the list another window pops up. That behavior is correct, but while it should have the list of all episodes of that series in My List available with options to do a mass change (like a remove), instead it sometimes pops up a list of series.

For instance I was removing a few eps of "A Dog of Flanders" and the window that popped up was all of the series that began with the letter F in My List. My guess is the code wanted to pop up the F list since the title of the series is "Flanders no Inu".

However the series only shows up in My List under the "A Dog of Flanders" and not under the "Flanders no Inu" name. So the code that should give me a list of files to remove can't bring up that list since the series isn't found on that page (the F page that was popped up in the different window.)

As I stated above this problem doesn't affect every series and that's probably because not all of them have names that won't appear in my "My List"