removed files dont get removed from the mylist [OLDBUG]

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removed files dont get removed from the mylist [OLDBUG]

Post by omerby »

for some wierd reason, when i remove the naruto 2nd movie ( ... e&aid=3030) the file didnt get removed, i tried it a few times, so now i get
MyList: Naruto:Bla Bla long Dattebayo naruto Dattebayo name Dattebayo!!
Eps 5/1 Seen 4/5
when now i only have the DB file in mylist
i guess it`s related to the new update...
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Post by ricce »

No I don't think it's related to the new updates check:

It will properly fix itself in a few days.

Post by Guest »

I get the same problem, with both naruto the movie 2 as mentioned and I just got the same problem with Saikano
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Post by juggen »

sorry about that one :(
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Post by sk3 »

I'm having the same problem.

Before this update i could get 2 ou 3 files from an episode and everything was ok. now, for example, Azumanga Daioh has 26 episodes. I have the full series from a4e, and appears like 26/26 on mylist. if i add the KAA version as watched the numbers increment like they are now 30/26.

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Post by eliasna »

it'll fix itself.
I had a problem like this with Jigoku Shoujo. It appeared to have 55 episodes /files. I was switching groups and it didnt entirely get rid of one group. It fixed itself to its rightful 21.