[EDIT][A lot of groups] Remove or change URL's

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[EDIT][A lot of groups] Remove or change URL's

Post by ricce » Sun Dec 04, 2005 12:14 pm

I want you to pay attention to the folowing CREQs:
http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?s ... .id=245325
http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?s ... .id=245714

In the first one I am requsting to change the URL of Nihongo-Anime, the CREQ is denayed (or "granted" with the URL filed ignored).
old URL: http://nihongo-anime.paparman.com/index.php?show=4
new URL: http://nihongo-anime.paparman.com/
deridiot wrote: http://www.anidb.net/wiki/index.php?tit ... url_fields

torrents in root hence not allowed. revoke or geta deny
The secound is a modedit (probebly by deridiot) where the URL of Nihongo-Anime is changed:
old URL: http://nihongo-anime.paparman.com/index.php?show=4
new URL: http://nihongo-anime.paparman.com/forum/index.php

I still think that the firs of those shuld be granted - the URL filed is there to give an URL to the groups homepage witch contents info about the group. The URL can link to a forum if AND ONLY IF the group have no other homepage. The URL may NOT link to a bittorrent tracker (in other words just a list of torrent links).

It isn't diffecult att all to figure out the groups homepage adress from the forum URL that is now in the DB.

AniDB webinterface is nowdays giving direkt links to downloads (ed2k links) thay are accepted with the explonation that there are used as identity of the files so that programs like AOM can find the files in the DB. why shuld then the DB give links to sides that gives links to torrents with the explonation that this is a link to the grops hompage.

And now to my canfusing title, if this is how the mods would like to have it we have a lot of work to track down all the group URL's that gives direct links to torrents.

And finaly for some reson it is alowed to link to a page that links to a tracker, but not to link to a page that links to a torrent. - wath is the different but a mousklick??

I hope this post will wake some discution, and maybe change some polisy rules in the DB.
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Post by Wlah » Sun Dec 04, 2005 12:26 pm

There's nothing to discuss.
We don't allow any links to homepages offering .torrent downloads at the first page.
It's that simple.

Der Idiot
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Post by Der Idiot » Sun Dec 04, 2005 1:08 pm

thats NOT open for discussion. if you can't live with our rules there is the door ->

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