MyPlace content (reviews) doesn't update [trackered]

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MyPlace content (reviews) doesn't update [trackered]

Post by Devil Doll »

The "MyPlace" views claims to list the "latest reviews" I've been submitting.

But it lists reviews only from 18.06.2005 and earlier. All the reviews I've been submitting since then (10 more reviews which the "MyReviews" page correctly lists on top when sorting all reviews by date) are ignored in the "MyPlace" display.

Three months looks too long for any caching cycle, so I assume some real problem here.
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Post by TechNiko »

Indeed there seems to be something wrong over there.
Here's what it tells me:

Total: 18
Latest Reviews
  • Saishuuheiki Kanojo - Another Love Song
    Seikai no Senki III
    Shuukaku no Yoru
While I do in fact have 18 reviews, these "latest reviews" seem totally random. Some have 1 vote, some have 6 votes, some have low ratings, some have high ratings. There seems to be no logic why these are listed as the Latest Reviews, and why it skipped half of them.
  • 19.09.05 Miboujin
    16.09.05 Saishuuheiki Kanojo - Another Love Song
    14.09.05 Mind Game
    15.08.05 Seikai no Senki III
    03.08.05 Enzai
    01.08.05 Shin Chou Kyou Ryo: Condor Hero
    01.08.05 Space Ofera Agga Ruter
    31.07.05 Ryokan Shirasagi
    31.07.05 Woman Wolf Mania
    30.07.05 Little Monica Monogatari
    29.07.05 Suika
    29.07.05 Shuukaku no Yoru
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please create a tracker item (if there is non already)