[CGI][CHII] ed2k links are case sensitive [FIXED]

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[CGI][CHII] ed2k links are case sensitive [FIXED]

Post by exp » Thu Oct 10, 2002 10:07 am


/me just noticed, while working on the ed2kwatch feature, that the AniDB cgi allowed you to add ed2k links without converting them to lower case.
such links would NOT match the same link in lowercase.
=> you get "-Chii- ED2KWATCH: no such file in DB" replies for files which are definetly in the db.
this should be fixed now. all hashes are converted to lower case.
i updated 65 db entries where the hash was upper case. it could be that we now have some files with the same hash mulitple times in the db.
haven't checked that one yet though.