Deleting Files - Anime->Eps->Files<-MyL [NOBUG]

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Deleting Files - Anime->Eps->Files<-MyL [NOBUG]

Post by packrat » Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:34 am

If someone has file id "123" from Anime "xyz", episode "1" in their MyList, should it be ok to delete file id "123" ?

If there is a reference to the File ID (from anyone's MyList) it shouldn't be allowed to be deleted.

I've noticed some missing animes from MyList, example: "Wicked City", where I'd added the 2-part vhs rip (yes it was eye-cancer) to MyList, but noticed that it had disappeared from MyList, and upon further examination noticed that those files (and episodes/parts) had been deleted - and a new hash for the Zhentarim file was added (and completely unavailable on the donkey btw). I'd like to add the old hashes back into the AniDB if I had the time to find them.

I really dislike this "feature" of the db.

Thanks for everything!

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Post by wahaha » Wed Jan 14, 2004 12:53 pm

Let me sort one possible misunderstanding out: Only mods can delete files other users have added to their list.

And sometimes, files will be deleted regardless of whether people have these files in their lists or not... for example when they're fakes, when they don't point to actual files (e.g. in order to mark one's DVDs or tapes watched) or when they just don't match AniDB's purpose (e.g. cartoons or live-action series/movies).

However, as your description doesn't sound like it fits to the above examples, take a look at your AniDB-messages (myplace -> mymessages). You should find a system-message there for each file that has been deleted, so you can directly ask the mod who deleted it for his/her reasons.
Please use AniDB's messaging-system for this unless you feel that - even after an explanation - the action was unjustified.