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Post by Garfieldx »

just me 2 cents.

those "watched one ep and wrote something" reviews keep getting more and more lately.
For me watching the whole show was/is not always an easy task - but some shows rewarded me with an unexpected twist that finally showed some value to the first part that I disliked before, while others never strayed from being plain bad/stupid/...

I haven't written reviews (yet ;) ) but I try to watch the complete package - sometimes only to be sure that this particular show deserves the 3 or 4 i'll rate it.
... still struggeling with some shows that, in a way, annoy me :(

cu GarfieldX
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Post by KaioShin86 »

I think that writing a review without having seen a whole series is completely wrong and should be avoided by all costs. It's like saying "I don't like this movie because I didn't like the 30 seconds commercial in saturday evening TV".

A good long anime is good because it keeps you surprised with sudden turns and twists, especially towards the end! If you stop at Episode 2 because nothing happened and you dislike slow character development (like most longer anime focus on at the beginning) that's ok for you. Completely understandable. But reviewing it and saying "the series is crap because nothing happens" is wrong. It will turn off people who might have really liked the show, based on pretty much nothing.

I often stick to series' until the end, even if I don't like them that much. I only cancel those ones which I really can't stand at all - but I wouldn't get the idea of reviewing them.

There is nothing I dislike more than seeing a 10.00 review for an anime which started one week ago. "Looks like a good show" - please just die. While it seems unrelated it's imo the same thing, judging something without real ground to stand on.

People just don't think about that there are people out there being affected by what they write. They may start or pass on a series based on reviews.
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Post by Gambit »

Sergejack wrote:Then tell me who watch a 24+ episodes show 'til the end when he doesn't like it?
Uh, you called?

So far I`ve seen a lot of crappy anime and I`ve seen a lot of great anime starting off crappy (Infinite Ryvius being the best example) but ending up great.

Look, I don`t have anything against people who want to give a little note about what they thought of the first (2-3) episode(s) of the show, but it`s a bit silly to make those ratings count as much as others who did see the entire show. If you don`t like the show after 2-3 episodes, drop it. Feel free to rant about it wherever you want, but don`t write a review for it.
There`s a rating based on reviews. If there are 3-4 people who`ve seen the show (and balanced each other out, i.e. two reviews with an 8, one with a 5 and one with a 6) and 15 who wrote a 10-lined review with all 10-ratings based on the first episode(s), then it`s quite silly to have those count as much as the rest. Yet, they do count to the average.

And just FYI, I have written plenty of negative reviews (or rather, reviewed shows which were not so good, so of course a review doesn`t really gives high ratings then) and I have seen plenty of valid negative reviews that I seriously doubt that there won`t be enough of those anymore.

But what really annoys me -and plenty of others- are those "I have seen 1 episode, so let`s review it"-reviews. If you have seen 1 ep, it`s not a review, it`s a preview. And until AniDB supports previews, I don`t think you should post them. Mostly because almost none of them actually update those once they finished watching them.
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Post by Raptor »

seriously there are plenty of sickos like me or gambit who finish their series for you not to make a review of an unfinished anime
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Post by DonGato »

I try not to do it anymore but I'm still stuck with some bad series. :P
Anyway, I agree with most here... you review it, you watch it all.
You don't watch it all, you just vote for it.
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Post by nwa »

*tempvote for it
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Post by defsyfe »

As of yet there was only one series ever that I have started and not finished. And It pained me not to. If the fansubbers hadn't given up on it because it was so bad I would have finished the series in tears... But the same argument about not finishing a bad series can be made for people who love a series. I can't tell you how many series I just LOVED and then bam last end of the series was so damn repetitive that it ruined what I considered to be an 8/9 and made me vote a 7 or so.

Example: Shura No Toki. I loved that show, but by the end it was just the same old thing. I still voted it high because I loved it but sheesh.

I think der idiot said it best. It's just silly to try and form an ACCURATE opinoin on something you haven't seen all the way through to the end.

Compare things in real life. I'm sure there are things you started off hating and then bam! You started likeing it. If you don't get what we're trying to say here then read this book, you'll find it very enlightining. ... 0394800168
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Post by goatbear »

oh, that's where my one piece review went. although it might be an exception to most, i put a lot of effort into it, and it was based on the first 75 or so episodes. i think that's enough episodes to base an opinion on. i basically said what i liked, what i didn't like, and why i decided to put the series on hold. oh well, i'm sure that will become apparent as soon as someone can read it, just as soon as they finish one piece :/
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Post by merkhant »

I would prefer if there was a mandatory field - number of episodes seen. I often start watching series while it is still airing. A brief resume what it is about and what people think of it, even if based only on a few episodes, is often useful for deciding what to watch.
Reviews based on not all episodes could be later (after the series finishes airing) pushed to the bottom of the review page.