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The height and boldness were probably the same to begin with. But it looks like a manipulation was done on the layer with the text (probably a soften to look better with the background). This has side affects though, the L, since it has a long line on the bottom is bolder on the next row of pixels, so it looks lower. The same thing happens on the D and S. The MAWA appears brighter because there are more pixels in close proximity, so they don't get softened as much and appear brighter. IMHO softening the text generally makes thinks look fuzzy and you end up with issues like this if the font is small enough. I have never been a fan of it, but it is quite common.

I still like this better than the other submissions (although now I know why I always thought it was fuzzy). It would be even better if the text was put in unsoftened.
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As ŌFUJI Noburō was a specialist in silhouette animation I thought of making a picture based on silhouettes and not on shades,shadows,fx and what not.The text can be moved/changed color,but for the moment I do not have the time to do so.
I hope you guys apreciate my work even thou it wasen't that difficult to make and it's really nothing fancy.


P.S. In ŌFUJI's honor I added the kanji for :"excellence" in the right as well.
P.S.S. I hope you guys like the base picture since it's mine even thou I had some inspiration from other works.

Second try

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TechNiko wrote:Not to mention it looks like a Baseball awards banner.
lol.. It could actually be any kind of ball sport, however a moving ball is also one of the first things one learns how to animate. That was the idea.
I also wanted a more modern logo.
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Some simple but charming banners, (well at least I like them) :D

Edit: Updated banners

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sorry for bad linking ^^' ... pia4wc.jpg

PS. And if that one won't work just kill me for junk-post ;)
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DMonk wrote:Hope you like these. I'm quite pleased with the design.


I like these a lot ... I'm into corporate design, and like clean designs like this. Though like Justinus mentioned with the readability ... I think the letters should be spaced a bit more to provide separation with the U & J. However, unlike him I don't have an issue with the A & I ... while I can see what he's saying there is no letter you can mistake the A or I for. As such, it's not that imperative. I'd love to see some of your other works. If you aren't doing corporate designs yet ... we should talk.