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Post by TechNiko »

Personally I think it's the weight system that needs the most thought right now. Anything that only has a weight of + or * is definitely not worth putting it at all. Definining the weights for each category is vital imo, having clear guidelines to what they mean, making them objective instead of subjective.

Weights right now seem to be about the presence/predominance of an individual category. What I suggest is to make weights act like a share of the whole parent category involved instead. And make them choices, it's either this, or that, or a mix of both of them, each getting half the weight. That way every category has to actually be filled. If a category is empty it means that nobody has taken the time to fill it yet, not that it doesn't contain any weight. This may not work with just every category we may want though, but an alternative system would be to define what each weight specifically stands for, a little like I did in my suggested tree for categories like Content Indicators.
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Post by Amour »

I request:

Place > Wilderness > Island
Place > Wilderness > Techno-City
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Post by Amour »

I request:

Animes concerned:
*Gunslinger Girl
*Ashita e Free Kick
*Ashita no Nadja
*Gash Bell
*Trinity Blood
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Post by fhc »

I request:

Hentai »» Sexual Activity »» GANG BANG
Hentai »» Sexual Activity »» Double Penetration

(gang bang: one girl making sex with two or more man at the same time)
have a lot of good animes with gang bang scenes!

(Double Penetration: anal sex and vaginal sex at same time)

It is not necessary there to be the two categories at the same time (Double Penetration and GANG BANG, since they are synonymous. Just choose the most interesting name. But, I like more of "Double Penetration", it is a better word to describe this sexual activity.

Please, gang bang is differente of "threesome" or "orgy" , because "threesome" or "orgy" it can also be understood as a only one man making sex with two (or more) women. for instance, I love to see a only one woman making sex with two (or more) men, but I don't like to see a only one man making sex with two (or more) women at the same time.

EDITED: (thanks for the hint, suppy)

Examples of gang bang (Double Penetration) animes:

Bondage Game - Shinsou no Reijoutachi (Ep2)
Marine a go go - Soreyuke Marin-chan (Ep3)
Classroom of Atanoment - Shokuzai no Kyoushitsu (ALL Ep)
Midnight sleazy train - Saishuu Chikan Densha (ALL Ep)
Shino-sensei no Yuuwaku - Professor Shino`s Classes in Seduction
Immorality - In no Houteishiki (Ep1)
Dark Tours - Shinjin Tour Conductor
Taboo Charming Mother - Embo (Ep2)
Jiburiru The Devil Angel - Makai Tenshi Jibril (Ep2)

I have all these animes and I want more gang bang animes. Please, add this Categorie. I wanted to find more animes with gangbang. If this Category is been be added, it will be easier for me. Or you can still use the term "Double Penetration" instead of "Gang Bang". there to be gangbang it is necessary there to be Double Penetration. If exist the anal category, Double Penetration should also exist too. :D

I really sorry my bad english, I am from Brazil.
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Post by suppy »

fhc, it is customary to give three examples of anime that fits in a category when making a suggestion for a new one ... this is so that we won't have categories which are virtually empty.

also, I'm impressed with your openness about these issues, kudos to you =)
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Post by SinsI »

Not exactly sure where to add it, but something along the lines of gender-bender, transgender, traps or cross-dressing are common enough to be considered a category or even a genre of its own:
Ranma 1/2, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, Princess Princess, I my me strawberry eggs, Chevalier, Cinderella Boy, Gokudo-kun Manyuki ...
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Post by Amour »

I request:

Animes concerned:
*Afro Samurai
*Keroro Gunsou
*Yakitate Japan

And please, check my previous request about adding Italy.
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Post by amidsal »


I request the addition of tree subgenres. I still don't know the proper place for them because the tree will probably change. They are:

Mind Control

MIND CONTROL and POSSESSION are not the same;the first being related to demons while the later to magic or scifi; IMPREGNATION (or Pregnancy), a classical genre in Manga and stories, like alien, demons and other kinds of impregnation (normally to hentai genre, but not restricted to). Some anime does have this specific genre like Alien from the Darkness and Demon Beast Invasion.

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Post by exp »

- Setting::Place::Earth::Europe::Italy sound reasonable.
- no idea @ hentai cats
- gender-bender, transgender, traps or cross-dressing, these are indeed quite common, might well warrant it's own category
- Characters::People::Special::Afro, aww, dunno about that one.
- ...

overall there seem to be some meaningful, pending requests.
baka-san? }:o)