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Post by Der Idiot » Mon Aug 15, 2005 9:42 pm

Rar wrote:*Is 'Seinen' okay named as such?
just for the sake of uniformity i would keep seinen. besides the point of it being the correct term.
about the "not knowing" i plan to bug exp to add "?"links for every category page to link to the responding wiki entry once we have the wiki for all/most categories completed in a satisfying way.
*Should we try and differentiate between Danji/Shounen and Joji/Shoujo?
uh imho not neccessary and would seriously confuse the hell out of most of us. most people have trouble already differing between shounen, shoujo and seinen. mostly because they lack the knowledge, but danji and joji is way harder to spot imho.
*Should we try and categorise 15禁 anime, if so, how?
so basically sorting out the ecchi stuff out of shounen/correcting stuff being listed hentai/seinen. sounds like a good idea. question is is that the only page that lists them that way? what i'm trying to say is is there some rather easy way to differ ebtween such things. sorting out the ecchi out of shounen is easy, but the softpr0n for shounen outta seinen might be harder, seeing the mislabeled hentai stuff.
*Should we try and categorise the moe/otaku market?
i used to be against this, but i guess some people would like it get sort out the moe stuff. worth a try imho.

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Post by rowaasr13 » Tue Aug 16, 2005 8:29 am

Mahou Shoujo Meruru is just 15禁? Wow...

Speaking of differences between "Danji/Shounen and Joji/Shoujo", why just not assign both categories in border cases?