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Post by Skywalka » Wed Feb 09, 2005 8:09 pm

I think we do not need any lists at all except the ones where I am at the top *hrr hrr hrr*

But to be serious I'd suggest a listing of the Anime with the most users. That would be wouthout any rating at all, and you'd still be able to get a hint which Anime are currently the most watched - and propably you'd want to watch them too if you didn't do so already.

I don't need that list either, I got 30% of AniDB in my Mylist, I grab everything that can't excape my greedy hands but others might find it useful.

Concerning the AR-awards - I think there are a lot of people on that forum that qualify for beeing Otaku enough to cast valid votes but I would not put them on the main page. Tastes change almost monthly (I said almost) and therefor a year old result might not be what you actually like today and what you'd watch today. You can keep them on the Anime's page like Oscars on every movie poster or DVD cover but I would not list Oscars winning movies on a top 10 list either - the academy's taste is not always my taste.