[Move and Rename][Episodes] Gits Innocence

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[Move and Rename][Episodes] Gits Innocence

Post by Amour »

Let's see the current episodes organisation:
http://anidb.info/perl-bin/animedb.pl?s ... me&aid=890

T4 GitS Innocence Promo DVD 01
T5 GitS Innocence Promo DVD 02
T6 GitS Innocence Promo DVD 03
T7 GitS Innocence Promo DVD 04
T8 GitS Innocence Promo DVD 05
T9 GitS Innocence Promo DVD 06
T10 GitS Innocence Promo DVD 07
O1 Music Video Anthology
O2 Music Video Anthology Bonus 1
O3 Music Video Anthology Bonus 2

What we see here under “GitS Innocence Promo DVD” and “Music Video Anthology” is the same, and is also known as “Innocence no Jokei - Animated Clips” in Japan.

The second problem I see is the name “GitS Innocence Promo DVD XX”, because it is a kind of name scheme that would be used if there was many DVD, and a Promo for each DVD. But there is only one DVD, with 9 video clips on it.

The third problem I see is the separation between the first 7 clips and the last 2 clips: some are in category "Promo/Trailer", some are in category "Other".

To fix those naming issues, I advice the following rename & move scheme:

T4 Innocence no Jokei - Clip 1
T5 Innocence no Jokei - Clip 2
T6 Innocence no Jokei - Clip 3
T7 Innocence no Jokei - Clip 4
T8 Innocence no Jokei - Clip 5
T9 Innocence no Jokei - Clip 6
T10 Innocence no Jokei - Clip 7
T11 Innocence no Jokei - Bonus 1
T12 Innocence no Jokei - Bonus 2
01 Innocence no Jokei - Animated Clips 1-7

You could also switch all the “Innocence no Jokei” to “Music Video Anthology” if that is the name of some American release.


I forgot to say that the individual names of the clips are as follow:
1. Incubation
2. Civilization - River of Crystals
3. Abyss - Attack the Wakabayashi
4. Confusion
5. Sabbath - The Doll House I
6. Rumble
7. Pathos - Follow Me
8. Dog Box
9. Follow Me - Instrumental