[WebAOM 1.19h] - Recent renaming problems

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[WebAOM 1.19h] - Recent renaming problems

Post by persath »

Until recently i used the fallowing renaming rules without problems:

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IF A(!english) DO SET %ann - %enr - %epn - [%grp]
ELSE DO SET %eng - %enr - %epn - [%grp]
A couple of weeks ago it stoped working and would rename ALL episodes with the japanese name, i read tru the forum and some1 sugested using I(!eng) instead of the A(!english) to another user so i changed my renaming rules to:

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IF I(!eng) DO SET %ann - %enr - %epn - [%grp]
ELSE DO SET %eng - %enr - %epn - [%grp]
Now its even more confusing, some of the eps will be renamed correctly but other with official english name will still use the japanese (IE. Gurren Lagann) and others will use unofficial english names (IE. Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori).

Any help would be apriciated and sorry about any mistakes but english isn't my first language
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Post by epoximator »

the first rule never did work.. meaning you always used the ELSE part. it seemed to work because %eng willl just fall back on %ann if not defined.


IF I(eng) DO ADD %eng

is meaningless because it is the default behavior

anyway, the second rule doesn't work as it should atm because of a bug in the server code (udp api). will fix