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renamin on webaom

Post by X-static »

I'm having trouble in the rename/move feature in webaom. Can't realise how does it work.. did the files need to be in a specified folder? Can someone explain it to me? Thanks.

ps: sorry for my english, not my native language. :?
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Post by epoximator »

1. Options -> Other -> Renaming: Select 'Use Rules'
2. Rules -> Renaming: Paste/write some rules -> Click 'Apply!'
3. If the files are already processed: Jobs -> Select a job -> Right click -> Select 'Apply Rules'
4. Check debug tab
5. Come to #anidb
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Post by Rar »

6. Write some documentation that actually makes sense.
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Post by jjacobs2 »

The rules should say "DO SET %" without the parenthesis then add the tags for what you want it changed to.