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AOM %Tag question

Post by Malific »

I'm working with AOM and starting to get into it renaming my files, but I'm having some trouble with movies.

Basically %a tag lists the Anime and Movie name together, and %ep and %epno are always 1.

What I'm wanting to do is have a movie rename so that I get the anime/movie name, but I also want the # for which movie it is.

For instance I'm using
%G %a - %e %ep%epart on the file [RevQuest]_One_Piece_Movie_5.avi
and I get the rename as:
When what I'm trying to get is:

I've read through the readme and it doesn't list any tags that do this, but then the readme also says it's outdated. And the Wiki seems to be down so I can't check that...

Does anyone know if there is a movie number tag of some sort?

I've also noticed it will only give the first episode number on multi-episode files. Is there anyway to have it read out both episodes?
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Post by PetriW »

I'm sorry, I don't think you can do this... or I'm not understanding what you mean... AOM uses the >default< anime title only, aom.5 can not use secondary titles. I recommend renaming these files yourself for now or use webaom instead.