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add from CD\DVD....

Post by sta1k3r »

i am using AOM

the problem is that i added lots of anime from DVDs and when i start the program it starts to rehash files, checking, updating - well, the usual thing, BUT if there are no CD in the drive i added all anime from AOM promts an error with try again\continue\cancel options that is not closing - only from task manager terminating the AOM program...i think it is needless to say that AOM activity is stuck at that moment....what can you recommend...i see 2 ways of solution - first, just keep some cd in the cd-rom, second - to turn auto-check\hash\other thing off via AOM menu....

any suggestions?
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Post by Hoerie »

hmmm, I'm having some problems deciphering your extremely long sentence ;-) But are you hashing directly from dvd? I don't think that is guaranteed to work properly. Also I don't think dvd images are actually in the db...
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Post by egg »

changelog.txt wrote:! PetriW - Hashing files from DVD / CD is NOT recommended, AOM does no verification that what's read is actually correct. Rather use the explorer to copy the files to hdd (it does a crc check on copied data) then hash from there.
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Post by kias »

Just keep responding ignore, or put the last cd/dvd in the tray.
He's looking for the files that you left in the 'Known files' section.

Go there and clear them from the 'Known files' list. Don't worry they will not be removed from your aniDB list.

You just need to clear the list after hashing from a cd/dvd/removable media so he doesn't go looking for them when starting up.