Question about renaming single files

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Question about renaming single files

Post by Sneezy »


I've got a question about file renaming.

I've several files from the same anime but from different subgroups. Unfortunately those files follow all the same simple pattern <aninename> <episodenumber>.avi
No word about the group.

Can AniDB rename single files that I mark (e.g. in 'MyList')? They're all added so I see in AniDB what groups subbed the files.

Like from:
Get Backers 10.avi to GetBackers. Dakkan`ya - 10 - Get Back the Mythical Sunflower 2 - [A-E](2345d779).avi
which is the ED2K Hash.

But I dont want the client to rename animefiles in general. Just this one Get Backers case.


Thanks for reading and replying.
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Post by epoximator »

in aom you can set file names based on location (folder), i think (settings/options/file manager/add). in webaom you can set it based on anime (IF A(272) DO SET 'bla bla')