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AoM 0.5.3 released!

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 12:47 pm
by PetriW

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18-02-2005 version ALPHA public release
! PetriW  - Advanced search is borked in this version, it'll be back asap if the client is well received.
! PetriW  - The code for "Correct data if different" has been completely removed from the application. ;) 
! PetriW  - Changed storage around, it now uses a more efficient encryption algorithm and shouldn't have fragmentation problems.
+ PetriW  - The storage is now written in a transactional manner for improved performance. (Update block in ram and write to disk when done.)
+ PetriW  - Anime size is now cached between sessions.
+ PetriW  - Episode size is now cached between sessions.
+ PetriW  - Anime length is now cached between sessions.
+ PetriW  - When downloading files the total size of the current file and the queue is shown (if available). *sees the modem users run out screaming a miracle has occured*
+ PetriW  - If you seach for a title the name you searched now replaces "Result".
* PetriW  - Updated the api and image download urls.
* PetriW  - File hashing now hints sequential access to the os for improved performance.
* PetriW  - New searches are now autofocued for you.
- PetriW  - The kowai folder is now always created on startup, should fix a few errors.
- PetriW  - Added error catching for some crash issues, the client will still fail internally but it shouldn't be visible to the user.
- PetriW  - Removing a local file should now clear all it's cached indexes properly.
- PetriW  - The hashing thread will now no longer crash on unknown AviInfo exceptions.
- PetriW  - The generic popup menu should no longer be associated with the Anime browsers main pagecontrol.
- PetriW  - Editing multiple entries in mylist should now actually not just edit the first entry. ;)
Hope you enjoy it. :D
If it works ok I'll fix a few more bugs in it and release a 0.5.4 (fixed genre search for example.)

Current Url until Exp gets online:

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 4:53 pm
by Rar
Woot! Number 1.


Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 7:29 pm
by egg
Thank you!!! I knew there must be something between what we had and the 0.6 dream :lol: The mods are even adding the generic files....

I know that it was probably a pain to go back to the old code, but it is appreciated.

Now just another 2 hours of hashing and I'll see how it works...

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 7:52 pm
by alaureijs
1 day 2 hour to go...

i do see
[18/02/2005 20:48:46] ! Avi structure in "r:\anime keep\Witch Hunter Robin\18_-_[KAA](D43664B3).avi" is invalid! The error message was: Unknown ttc code!
once on a while

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 8:49 pm
by Daemon
That's great news! Thank you PetriW!!! :D

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 9:11 pm
by PetriW
alaureijs wrote:i do see
[18/02/2005 20:48:46] ! Avi structure in "r:\anime keep\Witch Hunter Robin\18_-_[KAA](D43664B3).avi" is invalid! The error message was: Unknown ttc code!
once on a while
Before this version the batchlist thread would crash on avi files like that. So it's good it works. :D
The 0.5 avi information reading will not get any more polishing though.

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 10:09 pm
by alaureijs
8) agreed !!

Posted: Sat Feb 19, 2005 10:22 am
by WhoCares

trying this one.


Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 3:34 pm
by HackerJoe
This crashes on W98 with a custom error...
Is this just to annoy the users or does it really not work on less resource-wasting Operating Systems?
(If you don't use explorer as a shell W98 is even more stable than XP for me... and a LOT faster)
What Win-NT only API calls does it use? apart from that it gobbles a huge amount of memory (ca. 500MB during building of data files) on my XP system and is relatively slow (might be my 800MHz processor)...

apart from that it seems to be a really useful addition to the web-interface...

Nice work, please continue development :)

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 4:05 pm
by PetriW
Uh, it doesn't support Win9x since they don't support unicode, simple as that. If you don't want a "resource wasting" os then use WinNT instead... Granted Win2k certainly should be resource friendly enough.

Anyway, 500mb ram usage? Never seen it that high, not even close to that high. Make sure you use 0.5.3 and not 0.5.1.
0.5 isn't made to be mean and lean, it just gets the job done. One day in the far future I might release 0.6 and that currently uses like 14mb ram although that won't support garbage like win9x either (honest to god I think WinNT without any game support is more useful than win9x, an os without unicode support? sheesh).

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 2:04 am
by HackerJoe
According to ProcExp (sysinternals) my AoM (never tried any other version though) the max private bytes was even higher than 500MB during the first run (when it was building all the data files from the big dump)... Now when starting it, it's using from 80-170 MB...

unicode support is very limited in W9x, right... only possible through unicows.dll, part of MSLU (doesn't need much work on the programmer's side)... was primarily just interested why it's not supported ;)
( if you care to have a look )

Nice to hear that you've optimized the code already... After looking at the huge amount of data and the organization (is that a completely custom database? It seems to have some sort of rollback, too) I guess it's not a trivial task to handle...

One little problem remains though... when my CPU-Usage hits 100% (it does quite frequently due to some java programs and emule running when online (TCP/IP in WinNT/XP is far superior to W9x)) the program often just hangs (I tried waiting a few minutes but lost patience soon). If I reduce the load (close most other apps) it works fine and quickly. I'll play a little with it and then consider writing a bug report.

Still it's a nice program... Looks quite polished for an alpha version.


Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 11:12 am
by PetriW
I almost call it prealpha with how much it sucks! ;)

The high ram usage is probably some memory leak I've missed, if a restart fixes it then great, just restart it. ;)

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 4:42 pm
by egg
PetriW wrote:I almost call it prealpha with how much it sucks! ;)
You just have higher expectations for your software than most people. Remember most of us PAID for PRODUCTION M$ and other software that appear to be insect colonies... Although it has some issues it does it's job fairly well. I have other freeware software that causes BSODs, I'd rather have high memory usage anytime...

ImageThanks PetriW for all your hard work. If we didn't think the program was worthwhile, we wouldn't bug you about it so much... :mrgreen:

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 9:53 pm
by WhoCares
PetriW wrote:I almost call it prealpha with how much it sucks! ;)
Nah, iI think it's somewhere between alpha and beta.

It hashed 450 gigs in one long hashing session. I cleared my MyList just before that using anidb.indo. Though the hasing was done correctly, the updating of MyList took some time. It took several program restarts before all updates were transmitted correctly. It only needs a restart once in a while because of 'socket error'(msgbox popup) or 'some kind of index error'(as a line in the log).

Never had a program crash/freeze with it till now. RAM usage levels off at 130 Megs here.

It's quite useful as it is now. Take your time with 0.6. Thanx!

Ow, W2K and 1gig of RAM over here.

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2005 7:52 am
by kinglink
Allow me to stick my nose in here. And please smack it if I'm too mean.

I know how coding is, and what a pain it is to develop something with such a large scale but so supposidly simple, but one thing that would be good. I like to "tsr" a lot of my programs. my inbox, IDE (for coding), browser and Live Journal client never close. That way I have them at a moments notice. (trillian as well never closes and I always have a few directories open in explorer)

If this program was a little less Memory hungry I'd love to leave it open 100 percent of the time but 100 megs of ram is a bit much, that I can respect for a HTML client with a lot of windows, but not from a DB program. 20 Meg would be must have open, 50 meg would be when I'm in an anime mood.

I could however consider allow myself a couple second wait when swiching views if that would help (allowing time for opening and reading in files quickly on my comptuer.. They could be large database files or such) but the memory constrait to me is a pain and I usually only leave it open when watching anime.

This all being said for anime this is a MUST have, the "add files" client alone is worth it's weight in platnium, or diamonds. The mylist is wonderful, I love clicking what I have watched in a "binge" session and just marking "watched"

The only other flaw I find is that it takes extreme amounts of time (sometimes 10 minutes) and processor power when opening. Maybe a button that says update from database or do it in the background when closed (and doesn't need as much memory or proc power) so when you open it you can change a couple things, have it ok this stuff with the database if possible and close it (when I watch a couple episode this would be my prefered method of changing stuff) because I know the database changes quite often and I don't need a current database report at least when looking at mylist.

Just my two cents, don't mind me if this is stupid, just stuff that I feel would be great.

Even if you don't take my ideas I'm very interested in your next version because it's so incredibly helpful I would never be with out. And if it sounds like I don't like they system I don't It's a 8-9/10 in my book. (8 for what I use. 9 for suggesting it to others)

I just love it and rave about it to anyone who uses AniDb (as well as try to convert them), so you got a true blue fan here. Of course I also have loved the red soxs (5 years hard core fan now), which was more of a slam on me before october, so I don't know how great of an opinion I truely can have :)

p.s. The 100 Meg drain happens everytime I open the program But it always appears to need to update when I do, so that might be it. (114,540 when minimized and idle now)