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Post by PetriW » Wed Oct 20, 2004 5:36 pm

I could always just claim all bugs occur because of improper usage!

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Post by Skywalka » Wed Oct 20, 2004 9:25 pm

Nah, you can't. You have to ignore people who are angry and label all bugs "random features" like EXP.

Later introduce an automated update feature and point all pissed users that way. A little later offer them an automatic update client. A lot later publish updates once a month. While doing all this keep ignoring serious bugs and don't listen to people who show their seriousness. Wait for AoM 0.6 to spread worms and viruses. Hastily add automated updates and ensure there will be a new "security/quality policy" from now on. Push back the release of AoM 0.7 "LongBurn" for two years while developing "AoM Mobile Edition" for Mobile Phones.

Derived that from the current release cycle for in the past you developed 0.5 and said it was buggy and told users to wait for 0.6. Reminds me of the story from Win 1.0 to Windows XP.

So in about 10 years we'll have the perfect AoM ^_^

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Post by fahrenheit » Wed Oct 20, 2004 10:59 pm


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Post by PetriW » Thu Oct 21, 2004 12:47 am


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Post by e-Viper » Thu Oct 21, 2004 7:49 am

egg wrote: But you don't really need those, just delete the files in your kowai directory and be happy.
That's what you think. deleting kowai doesn't solve everything (try to get your AOM booted when you have a folder with 4000 eps in. I wish you good luck it took my PC 35 mins consuming all my RAM).

Lucky Petriw was so kind to help me out. So give him the time he need to solve all bugs from the current version.

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Post by Skywalka » Thu Oct 21, 2004 1:51 pm

It solved my ram problem yesterday. After months of hashing files and afterwards moving them to another location (auto renaming and auto adding to mylist is was AoM did for me), AoM in the end used 500 MB of RAM at least and took 3 to 6 minutes to start.

After a complete re-start now AoM needs 13 MB of ram and starsts within a second :)

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Post by PetriW » Thu Oct 21, 2004 2:42 pm

13mb ram? That sounds kinda wrong as the RAW data files are larger than that.

Just fyi, there is a "special" AOM version that uses less ram and starts faster with a very long known files list. It however has the drawback that it sometimes "forgets" stuff. So you have to redownload from anidb every 2-3 weeks.

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Post by Skywalka » Thu Oct 21, 2004 2:53 pm

I"ll check when I am back home.

Honestly I would not mind if it downloads stuff again for I only need it to auto-add files and rename them, which it does.

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Post by PetriW » Thu Oct 21, 2004 8:00 pm

Thing is, EXP has specifically denied features allowing it to self repair thus currently the only solution is to delete the files in the local_ folder, like with the official client just you don't do it for the high ram usage but to get a valid copy of anidb.

The release is basically for people with enormous local files lists, other than that it's usefulness is limited.

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Post by Rar » Fri Oct 22, 2004 11:11 am

It's not very hard to backup, so I just delete local_ from time to time. All the hash info is being stored in anidb after all. When you say "specifically denied features allowing it to self repair" this is from the special release client yeah? The defrag etc will be back in 0.6?

Waiting happily.


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Post by PetriW » Fri Oct 22, 2004 3:37 pm

No, he denied me checking for missing IDs, I can only do incremental updates from the API.
As for defragmenting the solution will be to remove the need for defragmenting in the first place...

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+1 Month

Post by JaLooNz » Sat Oct 30, 2004 3:18 am

:arrow: Another month has passed!
:arrow: Any GUI updates / screenshots?
:arrow: Any addition to add files via AOM?
(Its tiring to add 39 episodes with SHA1 / MD5 / CPMD4 with lengths / etc.)
:arrow: Can I beta-test it?

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Re: +1 Month

Post by egg » Sat Oct 30, 2004 5:04 am

JaLooNz wrote::arrow: Another month has passed!
It's only been:
196 days
28 weeks
6 Months, 13 days
0.53 years
JaLooNz wrote: :arrow: Any addition to add files via AOM?
(Its tiring to add 39 episodes with SHA1 / MD5 / CPMD4 with lengths / etc.)
I usually just add the ed2k hash and a few other settings for the file, then I run AOM to auto-creq it with the other hashes...
JaLooNz wrote: :arrow: Can I beta-test it?
Well the last version was an Alpha release. So, at best, this will be a beta release, so when you get it, you will be a beta tester, just like the rest of us. :lol:

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Post by venom30 » Tue Nov 02, 2004 7:18 pm

Post censored, please refer to:

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Post by PetriW » Sun Dec 12, 2004 3:01 am

Changelog updated:

Code: Select all

XX-12-2004 version 0.6.0.XXX ALPHA preview release
! PetriW  - Cache format changed again. ^^;
! PetriW  - All caches are now updated via triggers and stored between sessions,
            this means parsing a dump download will be sloooooow but at least
            it'll only count once. ;)
! PetriW  - Essentially the whole frontend has been redesigned, mostly using
            the TnTUnicode from
            All treeviews have been changed to VirtualTreeView from
   which significantly reduces ram usage.
            All tabs have been moved into a treeview and the content has been
            moved into frames. This helps startup times on computers which
            create window handles slowly (for example those with a "mac dock"),
            All buttons have been moved up to the main menu, menues will appear
            and disappear depending on which tab is currently active.
            The options form has been merged into the main form, the ok button
            has been removed and changes are applied immediatelly.
! PetriW  - Several parts of AoM now support multiple language handling.
            If you want to translate AoM make a copy of the default.xml file
            in the languages folder and simply translate it to your preferred
            Language switching is seamless, all parts that support it can change
            language without the need to restart the application.
! PetriW  - The settings handling in AoM has been changed in order to support
            more settings more easilly, reducing coding effort required for new
            options and possible mistakes in saving/applying options
            The old settings.xml file is not usable with the new AoM.
+ PetriW  - For people with an insecure computer the anidb password is now stored
            in encrypted format in the xml file.
+ PetriW  - Add files now displays one "total progress" progressbar plus a
            progressbar in the tree for each item currently being processed.
+ PetriW  - The batchlist now supports named streams and will use them to
            identify files moved across harddrives / network to avoid
            unnecessary hashing.
+ PetriW  - Codec information gathering has now been added as a separate stage
            during hashing, this is mostly for future ogm support.
+ PetriW  - Batchlist and known files now support case sensitive file systems.
+ PetriW  - Batchlist and known files now categorize files by the medium they're
            located on: Harddrive, CD/DVD/Removable, Network and Unknown.
+ PetriW  - AOM now treats the application path as an unicode string rather than
            a locale based string.
+ PetriW  - Mylist, animelist etc will now color animes rows based on category.
+ PetriW  - It's now possible to set a specific or custom title as the default
            one for an anime, the title is stored in the local cache and
            preserved even after a complete dump update.
+ PetriW  - Splash images are now loaded from the splash folder in the
            application directory. If you want to add your own they should be
            500x375 pixels big and in jpg, gif, png or bmp format. Not all kinds
            of weird formats are supported so keep it simple.
+ PetriW  - Null values are now stored as null in the data storage.
+ PetriW  - The AniDB API connection now properly decodes data according to
   Unknown entities
            are assumed invalid and copied as is.
+ PetriW  - The AniDB API connection now properly html encodes all outgoing data.
+ PetriW  - The AniDB API connection now supports compressed results.
+ PetriW  - The AniDB API connection has been moved to a separate thread and in
            the process received a major overhaul.
+ PetriW  - File download progress is now shown as a progress bar rather than
            as text in the statusbar.
+ PetriW  - New task list added.
            Dump and image download progress is shown in the task list.
+ PetriW  - Only visible and frequently accessed data is now loaded at startup,
            this significantly reduces ram usage.
+ BennieB - Batchlist can now hash multiple files at the same time based on
            where they're located.
+ PetriW  - "Show details in background..." added, works like "Show details..."
            except it (obviously!) opens the new frame in the background.
* PetriW  - Numbers are now stored as integers, text as utf8 and hashes as
            binary data in the data storage. This should reduce its size
* PetriW  - The readme and changelog files are now assumed to be in utf-8
            format, the memoes for displaying them has been changed accordingly.
* PetriW  - The search window should now repaint significantly faster.
* PetriW  - Anime tab redisigned from scratch. Image is larger, buttons have
            been moved to the main menu, new tabs introduced. The tab should
            display faster too.
* PetriW  - The status bar now uses real progress bars to display progress,
            should work better.
* PetriW  - Dump files are no longer temporarily stored on disk.
* PetriW  - The cancel button in the welcome dialog has been removed.
* PetriW  - The welcome dialog now shows the alpha warning in a second page
            rather than as a message dialog.
* PetriW  - An interenal xml parser has been added instead of the MSXML parser,
            the old settings file should not be used with this version of AOM.
* PetriW  - Image file names have been updated and how images are loaded has
            been changed, this to help with keeping images up to date.
* PetriW  - Internet Explorer is no longer used for downloading files, instead
            an internal component is used.
* PetriW  - Anime/Episode/File/Group detail in the generic popup menu merged
            into "Show details...".
* PetriW  - AOM now shows the same bitrates for AVI files as GSpot.
- PetriW  - Fixed an almost ancient bug where the html decoder would crop some
            characters if a string was a mix of encoded and ascii characters.
- PetriW  - The "Add file(s)..." command now spawns a widestring compatible Open
            Dialog. This should fix not being able to add some files.
- PetriW  - Fixed a rather large memory leak when parsing dump downloads.
- PetriW  - Parsing a dump file should now require significantly less ram.