Automatic SFV-Generation

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Automatic SFV-Generation

Post by Skywalka »

Hi there,

I want AoM to drop .SFV files into the folders where it finds files, to be specific in the folder above the current one.


d:\anime\dvd1\Cowboy Bebop [P-A]\(Episode 1 to xx)

after hashing would drop a .sfv file in


I hope this is easy enough to implement. It's just a text file in the following form with the extension "sfv".

Code: Select all

; Generated by AoM 0.6 on 2005-01-01 at 21:08:12
;    235696128  07:50.56 2002-07-11 Cowboy Bebop [P-A]\Cowboy Bebop Session - 01 [P-A].avi
Cowboy Bebop [P-A]\Cowboy Bebop Session - 01 [P-A].avi E6216409
The data needed is the filename, filesize and CRC32 hash, all values AoM generates while hashing.

Would save me the additonal hashing with another tool (currently QuickSFV) to get these files. I use them to be able to find out whether a medium is still usable by just inserting it into the DVD drive and double clicking on the SFV which results in an automatic hash verification. Of course I could also order AoM to hash the files but I most likely won't install AoM on all my computers but another hashtool which is

- can be used for other files I usually also save, for which AoM is useless (which is not AoMs fault ^_^)

Would be really neat. Thx. Bye.
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Post by DonGato »

I think that (SFV created in the top level dir) should be an option as most people would like their SFV in the directory where the files are. :)
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Post by Skywalka »

Yeah that's why I first mentioned the general idea an then my specific request :-)

It's easier for me this way because that way if there are no double episodes in a series I can tell whether a series is complete in that directory by simply looking at the number of the last file (for instance Shadow Skill EP 26) and then a little bit further down in the status bar how many files are in that directory. It it's 26 then the series is complete. If it's less I'll have to look for double EPs or missing files :-)
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Post by cielchoco »

This sounds like a really good idea. I've noticed with some of my archived dvd's, many of my old files will not hash and display correctly in aniDB. It results in me having perfectly-working files, but not showing in MyList :-/ I end up getting entire series' all over again by a different group. :evil:
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Post by kulmegil »

My first post - I would like to join this request. I couldn't belive it wasn't such an option already :P